Can I pay by check or invoice?

Sorry no. At the moment we accept Visa and MasterCard directly, or you can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express by selecting PayPal as your payment option at checkout. All of these options result in immediate activations being issued, so you will instantly be able to save your recovered data after purchase.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we offer free data recovery activation numbers to test the functionality and the data it recovers. Please see the Free Data Recovery product sections at the binarybiz.com website  to participate in that offer.

How do I know that the data found will be ok?

Determining recovered file quality is pretty straightforward, here are a few suggestions. If you have deleted files, then you may obtain  activation by visiting the free activation page. Visit our website and click the 'free' product version you want. Another other method of determining file quality is to use the 'preview' option from the files list. Not all file types will preview, but a great way to determine the general file quality will be to review gif and jpg files. If you're familiar with the file structure of non-preview-able files, or you know the contents of the file (like a MS Word file), then previewing it will show you the contents of it.

How will I know when my payment is completed?

In rare cases orders can't be immediately fulfilled. This happens with orders our processor deems suspicious or server to server communications problems. If either of these are the case you will be notified of it during the order process. Otherwise, you will know by one or more of the following that your order has been completed:
  • You have received an email confirming the purchase
  • You will see on screen confirmation that they completed the purchase.
  • Go to the account page and use the account lookup tools. If you made an account, surely it will be there. If none of those happens, then the order is not completed. You should try it again. :)
In very rare cases there are problems with PayPal payments. If you did pay (and you have your PayPal confirmation), please contact support by email and provide them with your order number and email address and we will sort it.

I placed two orders (doh!), can I get a refund?

Duplicate charges are a result of clicking the order button more than once. To request a refund in this case, log in to your account and click the 'Request Refund' option. All payments eligible for a refund can be processed from your account area.

Can I get an invoice?

We don't provide invoices (since  we aren't billing you). You can however obtain another receipt by logging in your account and downloading it. Receipts are provided when the order is complete, and they may also be reprinted by logging into your account at my.binarybiz.com.

What is your TAX ID number?

We aren't a US company and therefore we do not have TIN. We are also not a European company and therefore do not have a VAT. Please record us as a NON-US or a NON-EU for your purchase records.

I did not use my activation key, can I get a refund?

Please login to your account to see your refund options:
  • Log in to your account (MY ACCOUNT).
  • Select the order you would to have refunded.
  • If the order is eligible for refund, then click the 'Refund' button. If you do not see a refund button, then your order is not eligible for a refund.
  • You will receive a refund confirmation when the refund is processed.

My recovered data doesn’t work, what do I do?

This can be a result of a few things:
  • Wrong file type for the application. Please be sure the file type can be opened by your software.
  • Wrong recovery method used. Confirm/check that the recovery app matches your media type.
  • Data is corrupt at source. This means that the data is found in a corrupt state on the media, either from bad sectors, previously corrupt files, cross-linked sectors or, in the case of deleted files, the bitmap is missing and the files are not contiguous.
The only solution to try to remedy files that are corrupt, can't be read or are unreadable is to try a different recovery method, and ensure that you're recovering the right data (for example, using the Mac recovery app for mac formatted media). If you have recovered deleted files and they are not usable then the problem is likely due to a missing bitmap (the bitmap tracks the location of fragmented files). Unfortunately a missing bitmap is a filesystem issue and beyond our control. If you do have deleted files, before making a purchase of our software we ask that you obtain a free recovery activation to ensure the quality/results of the recovered data. Unusable data is unfortunately not covered by our money back guarantee.

Can I order by telephone?

We don't take telephone orders at this time. All payments are processed electronically online. We don't accept or process phone orders. The BinaryBiz website uses the latest SSL technology to ensure that the information you submit is only seen by us and you. All payment and personal information you submit is stored on secure servers in encrypted format. We are fully PCI compliant and all of your information is safe and secure.

How do I know your software will work for me?

You need to actually download, install and use the software to determine if the data on your device (Hard Drive, Camera Card, etc.) can be recovered. There's no cost to try out our products in advance of purchasing to see what can be recovered. We offer free activations to be sure about the data that is recovered. Please visit the free data recovery software section of our website to learn more.

When using the Undelete module, what’s actually being looked for?

The undelete scan searches for deleted files in the UNUSED portion of the device, as reported by the Bitmap of the file system. It does not scan the used portion (where normal, not deleted files are) of the drive at all, so all files found have been previously deleted. The results you'll get include all files that were deleted, and old saved versions of them too. So if a file recovered is "the exact same" as a file you already have. It is either a deleted copy of the file you currently have, or it could be that you just don't notice the differences between the two files. As a side note, the Undelete Scan will not be able to recover the file names of files due to the limitations of HFS and HFS+ filesystems. Note, this is for Mac systems only :-)

The files I found don’t have names, why?

When a file is deleted from the MAC OS filesystem, the file name is also removed. Unless the name is embedded in the header of the cluster of the file, there is no way to retrieve the name. If the name is embedded, VirtualLab is designed to retrieve it. If you are not seeing a name, and only a number, then the application does not store the name so that it is not retrievable. When recovering a deleted file from the Mac operating system, be sure to set your scan type to 'Deleted File Recovery'. If you don't then every file type (existing and deleted) that is found on the scanned device will show in the results. To limit the results to only deleted files, it's important that you choose the Deleted File Recovery scan.

One of my drives appears as a MS-DOS drive, is that normal?

Most of the time this happens with Firewire drives. Most firewire drives purchased are pre-formatted with a FAT32 (MS-DOS/Windows) file system. All Macintosh computers out of the box are able to read these types of drives transparently and they show up as a normal Mac volume. Normally you can just ignore this unless this is the volume you are trying to recover. If you are trying to recover the drive with an MS-DOS format use VirtualLab for Windows to recover files off of the drive using a PC running Windows and then use VirtualLab for Mac's 'Merge Utility' to give the files their correct file type/creators and resource forks.

I can’t choose a file that I want to use to create a new file type (signature). It’s grayed out.

Files such as .app, .nib, and .mbox are greyed out in the file signature creation dialog box. Most likely, this type of file is a package. File packages are in MacOS 9 and X. They are basically a folder with files that appears as a single file to the user. Because it is not a single file with a single file type, VirtualLab has no way of searching for such a file. You will not be able to use the Undelete function for these types of files.

How do I recover the files that were found?

To save files you need an activation number. You can try all the features of our software without obligation in advance (file saving is disabled until you activate), then when you are ready to purchase VirtualLab, simply select the files you wish to recover and click the 'Order Now button'. This will take you to our secure ordering page. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal. You can also get a free activation to recover deleted files. Please see the FREE section of our website.

I can’t preview a file, it’s ‘gibberish’, what do I do?

If the file type you want to view is not preview-able, then it's due to either the file type not being a supported preview-able type, or the file is bad. See the users guide for a list of supported preview-able file types. Alternatively, you could save a sample file using free activation number, to determine file quality prior to purchasing.

Why do I need a different place to save my recovered files?

If you use any other recovery software, they will all have the same requirement to have a separate location to save your recovered files. The answer is very simple, if you recover files from a drive to the same drive you are most likely going to overwrite the data that is already there making further recovery impossible. There are several choices to save data to. You may save it to another internal drive, a separate partition, an external drive, a USB flash drive, or a networked drive. Note; You cannot save the recovered data to CD or DVD.

Can I scan a device on my network

At this time we cannot scan a networked device. Plans are in place for adding this feature to the future version of the software.

I can’t connect to the VirtualLab server, what do I do?

Failures to connect are usually a firewall problem, either on your local PC or your network. You need to add an exception for VirtualLab in your local and network (if in a corporate setting) firewall. The port that VirtualLab communicates on is 443. Please contact your systems administrator or software provider for assistance on how to add exceptions or other network firewall issues.

How do I change my email address linked to BinaryBiz account?

Here are the things you need to do to change your email in BinaryBiz. First, you have to provide your government ID or a copy of credit card used to place the order. Second, provide an authorization letter, so that BinaryBiz can make the change from the old email to the new one. You can open a ticket on the support page of BinaryBiz and send the needed information there.
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