Tips for Submitting a Support Request

We want you to have the best experience possible when working with our Support Team. We want your issues resolved quickly and efficiently. So, here are some tips to help you help us. 1) Be specific. Avoid simply saying “Help!” or “It’s not working.” Describe what it is you are attempting to do. We’d like […]

Repairing a Recovered PST (Microsoft Outlook) File

Sometimes after recovering a PST file it can no longer be opened by Outlook, or, Outlook will report an error with it. Try this: If the PST file was fragmented or overwritten, then it may be corrupt. You can try to repair the file: Get the free Scan PST utility from Microsoft: // Once you’ve […]

Working around the blue screen (of death) at Windows startup.

This usually happens when the boot sector is corrupt, or when there is partition damage. Can also be caused by virus, power failure or incorrect read/writes on the device. Here’s a solution: Create a dos boot disk | // Once you’ve done that, then take the device you’re having problems with and install it into […]

Scan taking a long time? Read this.

One of the most common questions is ‘why is the scan taking so long?’. Here are some reasons why and tips to help you out: The software we produce is very thorough (it has to be in order to find all your data). If you’re on Mac – When using the recommended scan (Recover Initialized/Damaged […]

Solving Demo Mode Problems on your Mac

Once you have uninstalled and reinstalled the new version you need to go to the Preferences folder to delete the p.list file (/Users/Admin/Library/Preferences/com.vlabdrs.virtuallabdatarecovery.plist) as when you uninstall the software this file doesn’t automatically delete. Please remember to always be sure you’re using the LATEST VERSION of the application, you can download it at any time […]

Solving the ‘Cannot Load Required Libraries’ Message with Mac OS

This message means you have not fully installed the application. During installation you are asked to enter your administrative password. If you do not enter it, or, you do not have administrative permissions, then the installation will fail. You must have ADMINISTRATIVE permissions to install the software and subsequent the required libraries. If you do […]

Solving out of Memory Errors

This results from too many raw files being found an filling up your available RAM. To solve it, turn off RAW FILES. That setting is in the SETTINGS section of the client. Our next release, Help! Data Recovery, offers better memory management so be sure to upgrade once it is released.

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